Advancing Green Human Capital: A Framework for policy analyis and guidance

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The framework was developed jointly by UNESCO, UNEVOC, the ILO and French partners – Ministry of Ecological and Inclusive Transition and the French Development Agency – to help  guide the process of setting up a roadmap for the necessary adaptation of skills to the demands of

the green economy and sustainable development.

A publication from the Platform for Advancing Green Human Capital (PAGHC) is attached –   an international arena to debate the implications of the ecological transition for the labour market, training and education policies and tap important synergies between the green economy and human capital.

The paper has been prepared with the intent to provide a set of general considerations that can help guide the process of designing and implementing such policies. It presents a structured reflection based on successful initiatives and on the work of PAGHC partners since 2015 and other works published on this topic, with the aim to provide governments and other stakeholders around the world with a strategic framework to take up this agenda. The publication is intended primarily for national governments, but can also provide a basis for reflection and action to sub-national institutions and all stakeholders in the fields of both education and training and sustainable development.


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