GSSVET is an Erasmus funded program involving 4 countries and 14 partners, aiming to update and certify skills of electricians and plumbers in Photovoltaic, Solar-Thermal and Geothermal energy fields.
GSSVET is an Erasmus funded program involving 4 countries and 14 partners, aiming to update and certify skills of electricians and plumbers in Photovoltaic, Solar-Thermal and Geothermal energy fields.
GSSVET is an Erasmus funded program involving 4 countries and 14 partners, aiming to update and certify skills of electricians and plumbers in Photovoltaic, Solar-Thermal and Geothermal energy fields.
GSSVET is an Erasmus funded program involving 4 countries and 14 partners, aiming to update and certify skills of electricians and plumbers in Photovoltaic, Solar-Thermal and Geothermal energy fields.


Hellenic Mediterranean University (HMU) is a Public Educational Institute. It was founded in 1983. The Institute is a part of the higher education system of Greece and it provides undergraduate and postgraduate education services. It offers 15 Bachelor degrees and postgraduate studies leading to Master of Science degrees. It focuses on research and innovation as well as lifelong learning and it offers technological and consultancy services of high quality.
The HMU employs around 400 qualified academic and technical staff and serves more than 14.500 students. HMU has campuses in all major cities of Crete: Chania, Rethymno, Heraklion, Agio Nikolao and Sitia.

It’s aim is to make sure study programs are well structured and efficient, that there are successful graduate placements and that student services such as accommodation and restaurant facilities. There are limitless opportunities for active student participation in research and development projects (HMU has the top success rate and recognition in research among its peers), for student exchanges with over 100 foreign universities and for paid work at the Institute laboratories. Graduates can also continue with Postgraduate Studies at the Institute or at cooperating Universities in Greece and abroad, with the active support of HMU professors.

ECTE – European Center in Training for Employment is certified by the Ministry of Education as Educational Center for Continuous Education, as well as guidance for employment center. The educational programs that ECTE develops and implements are targeting in the adaptation of the working force to the transformations of the technological, socio-economic and physical environment, the promotion of regional development, the improvement of the existing and the acquisition of new qualifications, and the exchange of experience and know-how in national and international level.
The main activity areas are the planning and elaboration of projects for the development of human resources, which integrate innovation and European dimension, are based on dynamic partnerships and pursue synergy and quality in results. The activity sectors are:

  • Implementation of training programmes.
  • Training material – training modules development.
  • Elaboration of researches and studies (training need analysis, market researches) related to the needs of the labour market
  • Planning and development of international European projects related with the local development, employment and social cohesion.

The purpose of the CCIC is within the boundaries of the region, „the protection & development of trade, industry, crafts, professions, the service sector & exports, according to the interests & objectives of the national economy, the development & progress of this.“


Main activities of CCIC :

  • Submits recommendations to the government advisory & consultative status on matters of trade, manufacturing & services sector.
  • issues to members of CCIC certificates of registration & home products, confirming the authenticity of these signatures, records systematically commercial & business customs, provides information to its members & the State on foreign markets, international economic developments.
  • takes the necessary steps for compliance of the General Commercial Registry
  • undertakes the management & industrial free zones, shopping centers, permanent exhibitions & exhibition areas, stations, ports, auction halls, general stores, laboratory analysis & examination of goods.
  • is authorized to constitute non-profit companies with self-management of their resources, including EU funds or revenues from other international organizations in order to develop IT, lifelong education & training, including training & education of its members or third parties in
    accordance with the provisions of Law 3369/2005
  • conducts seminars & training programs & issues certificates in accordance with the provisions of Law 3369/2005, organizes conferences, seminars & training programs, the performance of those assigned directly to specific persons & provide the relevant certificates, subsidizes their executives & provide professional expertise or experience any form, domestically or abroad. May constitute committees & working groups of members, employees or third parties, & assign qualified personnel studies & other work related purposes.

HELLENIC ASSOCIATION OF PHOTOVOLTAIC COMPANIES (HELAPCO) is a non profit organization, established in 2002, representing the major PV companies active in the production, trading, installation and maintenance of photovoltaic systems in Greece.

HELAPCO represents the domestic market in international meetings and fora, and is a member of SolarPower Europe the umbrella organization of all PV associations in Europe.

TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS is a Certification Body offering third party services in the areas of Technical Inspections, Audits, Certifications and Training. It has been operating in Greece since 1994 and is a 100% subsidiary company of the Austrian Inspection and Certification Organization TÜV AUSTRIA. It is an accredited Inspection and Certification Body by the Hellenic Accreditation System (ESYD S.A, active member of MLA) according to the Standards EN 45011, ISO/IEC 17020, ISO/IEC 17021 and to the EMAS regulation and a notified body in the European Union (Notification Number 0906).

It collaborates with higher educational institutions such as:

  • National and Kapodistrian University of Athens – Masters of Science (M.Sc.) in Management & Economics of Telecommunication Networks,
  • University of Piraeus – Elearning Program of Department of Banking & Financial Management,

It has also established and applied transparent methods of objective and fair assessment of the employees’ qualifications, so as to result a valid and understandable persons’ evaluation regarding their knowledge, abilities and skills, having the relevant recognition nationally and/or internationally. Having developed and implemented several Certification Schemes for specific professional categories, according to the requirements of international standard ISO/IEC 17024 „Conformity assessment – General requirements for bodies operating certification of persons“, it has produced well-designed and structured assessments schemes for specific professionals, using defined and transparent criteria for the evaluation and scoring of persons’ competences.

SQLearn specialises in the provision of integrated e-learning solutions and m-learning application and training. It addresses enterprises, public authorities & educational institutions offering them custom & generic e-learning solutions.

E-learning Experts
SQLearn uses best of breed technology & work with open source SW thus, ensuring our clients the best possible results along with an immediate return on investment. Our objective is for e-learning and m-learning to be part of the culture of each enterprise and educational institution. Our staff, project managers, trainers, web developers, instructional designers, programmers and e-learning consultants, are available to construct the appropriate solution for each initiative, whether this is a national project, EU funded project, private client etc. SQLearn is ISO accredited for the design of e-learning material as well as development & have elaborated services such as: conducting training needs analysis, design specific learning plans, design & develop e-learning content/LMS, e-training and production of seminars. Moreover, the research areas of SQLearn involve pedagogies in learning, training, delivery methods and platforms.


ALECOP’S mission and context

ALECOP, founded in 1966 and headquartered in Mondragon, in the highly industrialized Basque region of northern Spain, is nowadays a diversified group specialised in the provision of professional services for educational institutions and companies and manufacturing of educational equipment for vocational training and engineering. It is essentially committed to quality education and training, and to learning and development for the twenty-first century’s work and life, and this value underlies and connects such diverse activities, developed at both national and international levels.

ALECOP makes part of the Mondragon Corporation which is one of the largest corporate groups in Spain, which is integrated by industrial cooperatives and associated firms worldwide. Innovation, education and people are considered key factors for meeting competitiveness and social development goals. ALECOP has notably grown steadily within this corporate context in close relationship with vocational and higher education institutions, research centres and leading industries, many of which are currently strategic partners.

Educational equipment

ALECOP is the leader of educational equipment in Spain. In close collaboration with schools, teachers and industry, ALECOP designs, develops and markets technical training equipment for engineers, technicians and STEM’s students. Customers range from universities and colleges to vocational schools and industrial training centres, in Spain and worldwide. Its products cover specifically electrical engineering, renewable energy, automotive technology, manufacturing systems and telecommunications areas. ALECOP believes in proven teaching approaches and hands-on training systems which can be all enhanced by using advanced educational technology to have effective, optimal and scalable solutions applicable at student, classroom or school-wide levels.

Professional services for education and companies

ALECOP provides also a specialised service of educational consulting and engineering to public and private educational institutions, general and vocational. Often, this general approach fructifies in a diversity of projects including diagnosis and evaluation, curriculum development, educational projects, capability building, provision of equipment and learning spaces and management. Notably, ALECOP in partnership with the University of Mondragon, promotes its own education model and has ruled accordingly to such model some institutions of vocational and higher education in several countries. Additionally, since its founding ALECOP has kept a historical program of mediation for effective alternation between study and work linking engineering students, university and companies; currently, this program has been adapted to official apprenticeship models in vocational and higher education. Also, ALECOP offers a general consultancy and training engineering service to companies, aimed in general to talent development.


Instagi is the association of installation and maintenance companies in Gipuzkoa. It is a non-profit organization that groups 503 associated installation companies that carry out the activities of plumbing, gas, heating, air conditioning, electricity and telecommunications installations. The 503 installation companies currently associated with Instagi employ 1,500 people in the activity sectors it covers, electrical installations and fluid installations.

The business association of installers and maintenance companies in Gipuzkoa (INSTAGI) was created in 2006, as an association resulting from the merger of the electricity and telecommunications associations and the plumbing, gas, heating and air conditioning association, which were created in 1987.

Instagi also has 48 collaborating partners, mainly manufacturers, distributors, energy companies and professional training centres related to the sector.


The activities developed by Instagi are focused on representing and defending the interests of installation companies in Gipuzkoa, mainly in those areas related to its sectoral nature. Moreover, given the size of the companies, in general small and micro companies, Instagi provides the same services of:

  • Information: through circulars, electronic bulletins, its web page, its technology watch platform.
  • Training: since its creation, INSTAGI has organized the necessary training for people in terms of the acquisition of technical skills to develop the activity of people and companies in the sector, which are also essential to obtain the necessary qualification according to the sectorial regulations to be able to develop the activity. In addition, it organises technical conferences on subjects related fundamentally to the technology of the sector and the new regulations that affect them.
  • Advice to companies in the technical fields of electricity, telecommunications and plumbing, gas and thermal installations, and in the legal labour field.
  • Other services; such as support for labour management, procedures before industry, support for generational change, advice for internationalisation and management of unpaid bills.


The International Geothermal Center is a large scale, scientific institute for research, education, communication and networking with a regional to global focus. The institute is administrated by the Bochum Hochshule, a VET organisation. With its broad anchorage the institute provides a competence and information center to the public in regard to all queries concerning the utilisation and extraction of geothermal energy. At the institute about 25 researchers and technicians work together on a range of joint projects, mostly in cooperation with industry. The research fields cover all aspects of geothermal energy from heat pump technology for geothermal heating and cooling, the use of geothermal resources via binary power plant processes to high enthalpy applications. The extensive laboratories comprise a geochemical and geophysical laboratory, a large-scale-experiment workshop for drilling- and reservoir technologies and a heat pump laboratory. They do not only form the basis for outstanding collaborative research between science and industry but also allow for vocational training with a practical orientation.

Der Bundesverband Geothermie e.V. ist eine 1991 gegründete Branchenorganisation mit einem großen Netzwerk von Geothermie-Experten und Regierungsvertretern. Seine rund 500 Mitglieder sind Einzelpersonen, Unternehmen und Institutionen aus allen Bereichen der geothermischen Energienutzung und Wissenschaft, von der Oberflächennahen bis zur Tiefen Geothermie, von der Planung bis zur Bohrung. Als Vertreter und Unterstützer des größten Geothermiemarktes in Mitteleuropa ist er ein sehr wichtiger Mittler zwischen den verschiedenen Interessengruppen. Im Folgenden sind die Hauptfunktionen des BVG aufgeführt:

  • Stärkung des geothermischen Sektors
  • Information der Öffentlichkeit über die Vorteile und die Einsatzmöglichkeiten der Technologie
  • Dialog mit Politikern und politischen Entscheidungsträgern
  • Verbesserung der Rahmenbedingungen und der politischen Situation auf nationaler, europäischer und internationaler Ebene
  • Unterstützung der technologischen Entwicklung und Forschung
  • Öffentliche Bildung und Wissensaustausch

Der BVG betreibt mit die mit Abstand meistbesuchte Website zur Geothermie in Deutschland (ca. 100.000 Besucher pro Monat). Sowohl Fachleute als auch interessierte Verbraucher finden dort ein breites Spektrum an nützlichen Informationen. Darüber hinaus gibt der BVG die Fachzeitschrift „Geothermische Energie“ mit 2-3 Ausgaben pro Jahr in einer Auflage von jeweils 1.500 Exemplaren heraus.

Die IGA Service Company ist eine Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung mit Sitz in Bonn, Deutschland, die sich im Besitz der International Geothermal Association (IGA) befindet. Die IGA wurde 1988 gegründet und ist eine weltweit tätige Wissenschafts-, Bildungs- und Kulturorganisation mit mehr als 5.000 Mitgliedern in über 65 Ländern. Die IGA ist eine nicht-politische, gemeinnützige, und nichtstaatliche Organisation.

Die Ziele der IGA sind die Förderung und Unterstützung der wissenschaftlichen und technischen Ausbildung in geothermischen Angelegenheiten weltweit durch die Veröffentlichung von wissenschaftlichen und technischen Informationen unter Geothermie-Spezialisten, der Wirtschaft, den Regierungsvertretern, den EU- und UN-Organisationen, der Zivilgesellschaft und der allgemeinen Öffentlichkeit.


The Technical university of Sofia is a VET provider, and its staff is involved in the activities of the the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training -NAVET (a specialized body to the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria established under the Vocational Education and Training Act (VETA) in 1999) and in defining the state educational requirements (SER) for acquiring professional qualifications from the List of professions for vocational education and training. It takes active part in the Government’s acts regarding national strategies, action plans, relevant legislation concerning the sustainable development of the country. The most curricula for the VET trainings up to the EU BUILD UP programmes have been developed with their professional contribution. TU Sofia carries out active researches’ activities, work out publications and organises trainings on the most up-to date topics related to the innovative technologies for energy efficiency, eco-engineering, green and smart cities design etc.

The Chamber of Installation Specialists in Bulgaria (CISB) is a national interbranch association of specialists and companies working the field of heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, refrigerating equipment, electrical engineering and automation, water and gas supply, energy saving technologies, RES and environmental protection.

It counts with 120 member companies. CISB keeps a professional register of installation specialists – Bulgarian and foreign physical persons and legal entities, engaged in installation activities on sites in the country CISB is a legal entity and a non-profit organization, independent of state, governmental, tradeunion and other authorities and bodies, and it performs activity to private benefit.

Scope of activity:

  • Presenting and representing before the public and all institutions its members and the installation industry
  • heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigerating equipment, electrical engineering and automation, water and gas supply, energy saving technologies, RES and environmental protection, to the interest of its members and of society.
  • Participating, organizing and assisting in the organization of meetings, seminars, workshops, conferences, exhibitions, fairs and other forms of promoting the latest achievements in the field of installations.
  • Since 2005, a Vocational Training Centre has been functioning at the Chamber, licensed by the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training, accredited to organize training courses in over 30 professions, of which those training specialists in the field of building installations are of particular importance, especially: Technician of Energy Systems & Installations, and Installer of Electrical Systems & Installations;
  • Since 2005, CISB has been publishing a specialized magazine – ‘Installations’.

As members of a sectoral organisation, the managers of the companies, members of the Chamber of Installation Specialists in Bulgaria, are installers of systems using solar and thermal energy, and they are aware of the general qualifications and competences of their employees, including their shortcomings. They can identify the shortcomings of the methods of training, and also make useful suggestions regarding the identified omissions. The highly qualified trainers working for the Vocational Training Centre at CISB will also be involved in the training development, as well as in the method of assessment, including various real-work situations, as well as different innovative methods of training both for trainees and for trainers.

The European Labour Institute – ELI ( ) is a Bulgarian NGO, established in June 2002. Its team is composed of architects, civil engineers, HVAC engineers, electrical and of automation ones, IT specialists, ecologists – in total 15 persons. They all have strong professional background – both academic and practical. The main activities of the institute are: investigations, know–how and technology transfer, projects’ development and implementation, consultancies.
The Institute provides VET in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy,
sustainable cities development, innovative business models and financial instruments for EE and RE measures.

Recent and present projects ELI’’s experts took part in:

  • BioEnergy Complex’s establishment – a pilot project for bioenergy generation and use by households and the industry stimulating technology and innovation transfer, a project ordered by the Bulgarian Municipalities Association
  • RESCUE – Action plan for stimulating research and innovation in SMEs from Central and Eastern Europe in the renewable energy field”, funded under FP6 and implemented by a consortium of 10 EU partners;
  • Pilot Biogas Plant with animal wastes, up to the program Innovation Norway in partnership with a Norway foundation;
  • REE_TROFIT: Development of an European model for vocational training of building professionals for energy efficient retrofitting of buildings”, under the Intelligent Energy Program 2010, implemented by a Consortium of 6 EU countries/
  • MILD HOME: My modular, Intelligent, Low cost, Do it yourself, Nearly Zero Energy Houses for our Eco Green Village”, up to South East Europe Transnational Program’ 2012 with partners from with 8 EU countries, together with Sofia Municipality and the Bulgarian Chamber of commerce and Industry, /;
  • EESI 2020: European Energy Services Initiative towards the EU 2020 energy saving targets, funded under the Intelligent Energy Europe Program’ 2012 and implemented by a Consortium of 9 partners from EU countries /
  • 4EESPP: For Energy efficient and Smart Public Buildings – capacity building of state/public officers for developing and reporting municipal plans for Energy efficiency and Renewable energy systems’ implementation, funded by the Ministry of energetics and the financial mechanism of EEA 2009-2014.

The team of the Institute has delivering trainings to 500 energy professionals from SMEs, public institutions on “RES and Energy Efficient Buildings” topics and 85 academicians on How to implement the new scientific energy technologies in the industry. The energy experts of the Institute together with partners from 11 EU countries have designed a European model for vocational training of electrical installers, energy and HVAC technicians.

Sofia Energy Centre (SEC) is an independent consulting company established in 1997 and has gained a lot of experience in the implementation of different European energy projects in Bulgaria. During its activity period the company has been involved very successfully in PHARE, THERMIE, SYNERGY, SAVE, ALTENER, FP4, FP5, FP6,FP7, IEE, ERASMUS, INTERREG, HORIZON 2020 projects and actions.

Our main objectives are:
• To support the implementation of new efficient European energy technologies;
• To stimulate the collaboration with European partners;
• To promote new financial schemes for implementation of RUE and RES;
• To support energy efficiency policy;
• To promote the production and use of clean energy.
We offer the following services:
• Preparation, elaboration, management and implementation of energy projects and programmes;
• Market studies and assessments, including potential for implementation of energy technologies;
• Energy audits and assessments in buildings and industry;
• Training activities;
• Information and promotion campaigns;
• Organization of conferences, seminars, business missions, workshops and others;
• Implementation of demonstration projects;
• Municipal initiatives;
• Publications;
• Research activities.

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